Scenic Drive

Another hot day, another pool… 😫 But we managed! This was a very interesting project because the homeowner wanted the curb to go under the pool deck on all three sides. All we could think about was our heads hitting every joist as we crawled under. However, we made it work and it wasn’t nearly as hard once we got going as we thought. Only a few missing teeth, concussion and a couple battle scars to remind ourselves we worked that day…. just kidding! Homeowner’s had a look they wanted and they couldn’t find it after talking to a couple other curb companies. No one else had the aggressive natural stone texturing we have, and one company was even trying to push the color red on them! 🤦‍♂️ They eventually found us and decided to go with our Signature Cedar Creek Slate in grays and browns and with vertical joints. They wanted a very natural looking concrete edging, and that’s what they got!

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