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Our Concrete Landscape Edging Benefits

There’s many great reasons to chose concrete curbing other than the fact it makes your landscape areas look way more attractive!

Beautiful Concrete Landscape Edging

While there are a few different curbing companies to choose from, we feel we bring a different style and design to the market. All of our curbing is hand crafted, and sometimes hand carved, to give a more realistic and natural stone look to your edging. We also use many different colors to give your design dimensional beauty.

Other edging solutions like plastic or brick pavers are not long term solutions. Plastic will crack and fall apart, pavers will shift and move. With our mix recipe, admixtures and cable we use, properly installed concrete edging will last and look beautiful for many years to come!

The dreaded grass creeping into your landscape beds. It happens all too often and is a pain to manage. Curbing gives you beautiful clean edges and keeps the grass on the outside, where it belongs.

Adding concrete curbing to your current landscape design will instantly boost your curb appeal and property value. It really does add the finishing touch.

We take into account how easy it will be mowing around your new curbing. If possible, we soften up tight and sharp corners. Trimming is also much easier because you now have a “backstop” to trim against.

Premium Landscape Curb Styles

All of our Premium Curb Styles are exclusive to us and you won’t find anywhere else. We use a multiple color system as well as a very custom design experience to get the exact look you want. Choose a joint style to give the curb an individual stone look, or some styles can be seamless to give one continuous look. Want something extremely unique? We’ll hand carve your curbing to give it a one-of-a-kind look!

Cedar Creek Slate

Our Signature Style

Cedar Creek Slate is our signature style curb and absolutely stunning. It’s got a gorgeous natural stone look to it with deep aggressive textures, while also being functional and easy to mow and trim around. We apply up to 4 different colors to give this style a ton of detail. This style is sure to turn some heads!

Kettle Moraine Stone

Hand-Carved, One of a Kind

Every Kettle Moraine Curb is very unique and one of a kind. It’s hand carved with amazing craftsmanship…your friends and family won’t stop raving about it! This style curb isn’t as mow or trim friendly as the other styles, since the front edge of the curb is jagged and very stone like.

Richfield Flagstone

Richfield Flagstone is an exclusive texture to Cedar Creek Curbing. It’s a beautiful mixture of simple yet detailed stone appearance. The impressions aren’t as aggressive as the Cedar Creek Slate, but it still looks amazing. We are able to do some really neat color separations with this style as well.

Slinger Stone

A beautiful and subtle stone texture. Our Slinger Stone texture allows homeowners to still have a unique and stamped texturing with a cleaner and less aggressive appearance.

Split Stack

Split Stack, an exclusive stamp you’ll only find here! Looks great with many different types of houses and has a veneer type look to it. Deep impressions and textures in any color you want!

Prairie Fieldstone

Somewhat similar to Split Stack, the Prairie Fieldstone stamp has deep impressions and looks great with both veneer or stone work on homes.

Old vs New Style Curb

Curbing has been around for a number of years. You’ve probably seen a lot of houses with the old “mow style” curb or a simple roller textured curb with old school patterns. There’s nothing wrong with them, but those styles have definitely started to look dated, and like everything else, styles change.

Old "mow style" curb
Beautiful natural stone edging

About Our Company

Our journey started like so many other’s do, the dreaded phone call of losing your job and heartache. My Wife had worked for corporate America for 16 demanding years in the healthcare field. But the Pandemic had other plans and unfortunately she was affected by layoffs.

With our young growing family, and a very strong desire to start my own business, I decided to look into options that could help support our family and allow my Wife to do something she’s always dreamed of, which was to be a stay at home mom to our 3 children. It was somewhat a blessing in disguise.

Landscape curbing drew me in for a few reasons; being able to be hands on and work outside, the satisfaction of seeing a completed job and the transformation, as well as working with surrounding area homeowners to help make their yards look even more beautiful.

Our family lives in Cedarburg and we love the area we live in. We really feel like we’ve planted our roots and look forward to raising our children in this wonderful community.

Areas We Serve

We are based in Cedarburg, WI and proudly service the Milwaukee Metro Area, including but not limited to the following cities: